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Zawgyi Premier is committed to an open and transparent working culture. We put workplace health and safety and wellbeing of employees as our top priority. We cultivate mutual trust and respect through practicing fair labor practices with no discrimination. We comply with all applicable legal requirements at all times and practice good corporate governance. We do not use forced nor child labor in our businesses.

We strongly believe that people are the greatest assets of Zawgyi Premier and we are committed to develop their capabilities through various learning and development opportunities.

Zawgyi Premier and its employees must, at all times, comply with all applicable laws and regulations. The company will not condone the activities of employees who achieve results through violation of the law or unethical business dealings. This includes any payments for illegal acts, indirect contributions, rebates, and bribery. The company does not permit any activity that fails to stand the closest possible public scrutiny.

All business conduct should be well above the minimum standards required by law. Accordingly, employees must ensure that their actions cannot be interpreted as being, in any way, in contravention of the laws and regulations governing Zawgyi’s operations 


Zawgyi Premier is an equal opportunity employer: regardless of a person’s ethnicity, religion, gender, health, or physical disabilities.

We respect each other as a person and we promote diversity at workplace. Everyone is treated equally without discrimination. Wages and benefits meets or exceeds the minimum requirements of legislation. 


We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable work environment where everyone is treated fairly with respect. We will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment including sexual harassment and abuse. Examples of verbal, physical or visual harassments include jokes and nicknames towards a characteristic of a person, unwelcome or offensive conduct, intimidating acts, negative labelling etc. 


Health and Safety of paramount importance at Zawgyi Premier. Zawgyi is committed to ensure that our workforce is healthy and our workplace is a safe environment. Everyone is responsible to work safely making sure that we comply with applicable laws, regulations and industry standards of Workplace Health and Safety. 

Zawgyi’s workplaces have appropriate Safety Management Systems in place where risk assessments are conducted, hazards are identified and control measures are in place. Health and Safety KPIs are monitored and performance is reviewed on regular basis.

Everyone is trained for Emergency Response Procedures and drills are conducted as planned.

You must understand and follow the Health and Safety procedures and instructions implemented at the workplace.

Ensure that everyone you work with (including customers, suppliers, contractors and visitors) and yourself are familiar with and follow the applicable health and safety procedures and instructions.

You must report immediately if you observe any unsafe behaviors, conditions or practices, violation or lapses of workplace health and safety.

You must complete required health and safety training relevant to your role.


Zawgyi conducts our business with integrity. We are committed to make a positive impact throughout our supply chain and we develop and maintain our suppliers and partners based on their sustainable and ethical business practices as per below criteria: 


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