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Our dedicated Customer Service Teams is responsible for providing superior service to key accounts individually making sure that clients’ information is kept confidential. All employees strictly follow the company’s code of conduct on confidentiality and privacy and Non - Disclosure Agreements with the clients.

Customer Service Teams work closely with our clients in PO Scheduling, Order Planning, advising on documentation requirements and communicate to relevant parties for Cargo Clearance/Release and Delivery.


ZGSCL has its own Customs Clearance Company comprises of highly skilled employees holding Yellow Cards and Pink Cards for Custom Clearance services. Our team is working tirelessly across all seaports and airport in Yangon and cross-border clearance at Myawaddy. 

Customs Clearance Service involves preparation and submission of documentations required to facilitate export or imports into the country, representing client during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and delivery of cargo from port to final destination. 


Our warehouse teams provide inventory management solutions and services through SAP affiliated WMS software. We provide 3PL Warehousing services to several international and local clients. Our warehouses deploy 24-hour security guards with CCTV Surveillance Systems. Fire Safety and Workplace Safety measures are in place and we use professional pest control services compliant to BPCA standards.


Our logistics team provides Long Haul, Short Haul and Intercity Logistics Services covering Transport Planning, Optimization and Delivery services to client’s destinations. We also provide shipment release, consolidation and carrier booking services for sea freights.


Myanmar, and in particular Myawaddy-Maesot, is an important border trading point for investors and businesses – due to its proximity to Thailand, excellent road connection and well-built infrastructure.

We opened our first office in Myawaddy in 2003, and have been handling shipments of food, non-foods, industrial raw materials, packaging materials, pharmaceuticals, spare parts, machinery, and personal care products.

Our team employs innovative technology and expertise to handle-cross border logistics services. We are highly knowledgeable in import and export process, regulatory requirements, warehousing needs, inventory control, transportation, and the domestic distribution of goods.

Further, our well-trained team at Myawaddy has been fulfilling clients’ requests without delay for the last 18 years – building a solid reputation for exemplary service, complying strictly with business ethics, and demonstrating a strong code of conduct.


Zawgyi provides regulatory requirements support to our clients regarding country regulations regarding export and  Import Processes.